Green Canyon Boat Tour

Green Canyon Boat Tour


 Oymapınar Dam Boat Tour from Alanya

A calm and peaceful boat trip in the emerald green waters of the Oymapınar dam.

1 Adult $  30

1 Child $15
* Monday, Thursday
* 9 Hours  (including transportation)
* 08:00  (Exact pickup time is determined by your location.) )
* Tr, De, En, Ru
* Transportation, guide, insurance, drinks, lunch, boat entrance ticket
* Direct pick-up and drop-off from your hotel, house and apartment with our vehicle
* Personal expenses, private photo and video shoots
*Water, slippers, hat, sunscreen, swimsuit, sunglasses, towel, power bank, camera






Alanya Green Canyon Boat Tour Experiences

  • You will have the opportunity to see the brown fish owls, a rare bird species.
  • You will have your meal in a decent restaurant against the green canyon view.
  • You will swim in the emerald waters of Oymapınar Dam Lake.
  • You will take a nature walk in the Green Canyon and find yourself again in the fascinating nature of the Mediterranean.

Alanya Green Canyon Boat Tour Program

  • You will be picked up from the hotel or from the place where you are staying with our shuttle vehicles and we will set out for the Green Canyon.
  • We take a break for photo and video shoots in the valley with a view of the Green Canyon.
  • We get on the boat from the Oymapınar Dam pier.
  • Information about the boat tour program is given by the tour guide and then we leave the pier.
  • You will drive along the emerald green lake.
  • You will spend peaceful moments in the green canyon where green and blue meet, accompanied by the soft breeze of the wind and the sweet warmth of the sun.
  • During the boat tour, we take swimming breaks at various places.
  • You arrive at a decent restaurant with canyon view.
  • After lunch equipped with Mediterranean delicacies, we continue our canyon tour.
  • Free time is given for hiking.
  • Resting and photo breaks at the most beautiful viewing points of the dam.
  • We’ll take a swimming break before sunset.
  • Finally, we return to the Port. During the return, you will continue to experience the fascinating atmosphere of the canyon.
  • You get on our shuttle vehicles waiting for you and set off for Alanya.
  • You will be dropped off at the address or hotel you want in Alanya.

General Information About Green Canyon Boat Tour

Green Canyon Boat Tour 2

Green Canyon (Green Canyon) is in Antalya’s Manavgat district. It is around the Oymapınar dam on the Manavgat river. It is 23 km north of Manavgat city center.

An emerald green lake that gets full marks from nature lovers and the endless pine forests surrounding the lake. It is a relaxing nature tour where you can observe the Mediterranean climate and Mediterranean vegetation.

You will witness the harmony of Oymapınar dam, Turkey’s 3rd largest dam, with nature. The islets, waterfalls, trees that have pierced the hundreds of meters long canyon walls that you will see during the Green canyon boat tour will make you feel like you are in another universe.

Is Green Canyon Far From Alanya?


We can’t say it’s very close. Green Canyon is 76 km west of Alanya. Our tour vehicles go from Alanya to the green canyon in one and a half hours. But what you will see when you go will be worth the journey.

Although the distance between Alanya and Green Canyon may seem too much for a day tour, it will not tire you out because most of the road is straight and clean, and the other part is in nature. In addition, since the departure will be early in the morning, the weather will be cool and the roads will be secluded.

The part of the road from Alanya to Manavgat is provided by the divided highway named D-400. This road is a straight road without bends. The 23 km road between Manavgat and Yeşil Canyon passes through the Taurus Mountains. In other words, your journey after Manavgat will be quite enjoyable. On this part of the road you observe the Mediterranean nature and local life. You can enjoy the scenery along the way.

However, if you don’t want to waste time on the road,  we recommend you to take the Sapadere Canyon tour, which is close to Alanya, as an alternative  .

What will you see on the Green Canyon Tour?

green canyon


green canyon

An emerald green lake that gets full marks from nature lovers and the endless pine forests surrounding the lake. A relaxing nature tour where you can observe the Mediterranean climate and Mediterranean vegetation.

With the refreshing waters of the lake, the islets in the lake, the surrounding waterfalls, the majestic canyons, the rich flora and fauna, there is much waiting for you in the green canyon.

Flora:  The vegetation is in the typical Mediterranean maquis formation. It is noteworthy that the trees in the forest are very dense. The most common tree species in the forest are red pine, spruce, Cedar, Oak and Willow, respectively.

Thanks to the effect of the lake waters and the geological features of the land, the forest is very suitable for the living of the mortars.

Fauna:  You can easily see hundreds of kinds of birds and our animal friends living in the forest in the green canyon. It is possible to see many animals such as wild goats, pigs, squirrels and foxes.

endangered fish owl


endangered fish owl

Among the animals living in the green canyon, the most popular is the fish owl. It is an endangered species in the world. It is a species that lives only in Southeast Asia, the Far East and the Taurus Mountains. It is a bird species that likes a warm climate. It can live in valleys that are warm throughout the year.

There are many nature photographers who come to the green canyon just to view this bird. If you look carefully at the trees during your canyon tour, you can also see fish owls.

Canyons:  There are two canyons in the green canyon, the grand canyon and the small canyon.

The small canyon is located 5 kilometers from the pier where we started the boat tour. Its height is on average 200 meters. This is where fish owls are most often seen.

The Grand Canyon is 7 kilometers from the restaurant where we will have lunch. It starts after the big island. The grand canyon is hundreds of meters long.

It is impossible not to be impressed while passing through the canyon by boat. The steep rocks hundreds of meters high and the pine trees that have grown parallel to the ground by piercing these rocks look extraordinary. The water particles coming out of the waterfalls formed by the natural spring waters on the canyon refract the sunlight and scatter colorful lights.

Smoky Spring:  One of the natural beauties that will impress you the most during the green canyon boat tour will be the Smoky Spring. 50,000 cubic meters of water comes out per hour from this spring under the lake. It is one of the world’s largest resources. So much so that the boats around the source have difficulty in standing still even though they work at full power.

Here you will definitely feel the overwhelming power of nature.

Ecological Impacts of Oymapınar Dam

Green canyon view from Oymapınar dam


Green canyon view from Oymapınar dam

As it is known, there is a general judgment in the world that dams harm nature. Indeed, dams negatively change the ecological balance of the place where they are located. However, although rare, some dams benefit the ecological environment in which they are located. Oymapınar dam is one such dam.

When the construction of the Oymapınar dam began, environmental non-governmental organizations and organizations opposed the construction of the dam. After 7 years of construction, the dam was put into service in 1988 with the title of the third largest dam in Turkey.

It was observed that the habitat of the Oymapınar dam was enriched in a short time like 3-5 years after the dam was opened. Due to the enrichment of the surrounding flora and the abundance of fresh water, it has become a frequent destination for migratory birds. Therefore, the dam and its surroundings were taken under protection by the Ministry of Forestry in November 2002. In 2005, the region was opened to tourism. In this context, facilities that do not disturb the ecological balance and roads have been built for the tourists to travel comfortably.

The number of tourists coming to the Oymapınar dam, which is still under protection, is increasing every year.

Activities You Will Participate in Green Canyon Tour

We have added the following activities to our tour program in order to use your time in the most efficient way and to make the most of the things to do in the green canyon during the Alanya green canyon tour.

All activities except canoeing are free of charge. Canoes are rented on site by the hour at low prices. Green canyon jeep safari is a different tour program.

  • Boat tour (17 km)
  • hiking
  • Fishing
  • Canoe on the Lake
  • Green Canyon Jeep Safari
  • Swimming breaks in the lake
  • Photography

If you are a nature lover, you can be sure that you will say glad you went when you finish the Green Canyon tour and return to Alanya.

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