Alanya Tandem  Paragliding

No experience needed! All you have to do is run a few steps…

1 Adult 40$

1 Child 40$
* Every day
* 1 Hour  (Transport included)
* Anytime between 09:30 – 19:00  (Exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
* Tr, De, En, Ru
* Insurance, transportation, guidance, training, necessary equipment
* Direct pick-up and drop-off from your hotel, house and apartment with our vehicle
* Video captures, photos with GoPro
* We recommend that you have water and sunglasses. You can leave your large items such as bags at the office. You can take your small items such as wallet and phone with you, provided that you put them in the pilot’s bag.


Alanya Paragliding Experiences

  • You will jump from a height of 800 meters and experience a unique flight experience.
  • You will see the city view, Taurus Mountains, Alanya Castle and Cleopatra Beach from a bird’s eye view with Alanya parachute.
  • You will have photos and videos taken while skydiving from Alanya.

Alanya Paragliding Program

  • Pick-up from hotel or address.
  • Journey to Yassı Tepe in the Taurus Mountains with a fun journey with forest and sea views. (takes an average of 25 minutes)
  • Meet the pilots. Paragliding theoretical training.
  • Dress control for paragliding flight.
  • Supply of equipment such as helmet belts.
  • Paragliding practical training. (Takeoff and landing training)
  • Flight with paragliding from a height of 800 meters.
  • Flight over the skies of Alanya for 25 minutes.
  • Video and photo shoots during the flight.
  • Landing on Cleopatra Beach. (you will be met by the landing crew)
  • Watching captured videos and photos.
  • Return to hotel or address.

General Information About Alanya Paragliding

Alanya Paragliding 2

Are you ready to fly like a bird on the Mediterranean coast with Alanya parachute  , feel the wind and watch Alanya from the air? Then   we invite you to Alanya paragliding tour . Paragliding, which is the simplest, safest and most fun way of flying, will surely add color to your holiday.

With Alanya Skydiving, you will feel indescribable emotions, especially in the first minutes of the jump. You will experience fear, excitement and happiness together. But don’t worry. After a few minutes, all these feelings will give way to peace and happiness.

Alanya Paragliding

Alanya paragliding is an exciting sport. Many people do this sport in Alanya for activity purposes. Especially domestic and foreign tourists show great interest in paragliding. In particular, paragliding is done in most holiday resorts. Another name for paragliding is known as paragliding. In order to be able to paraglide, the person does not need to have any aviation knowledge. Wind and high hills are sufficient for this. Jumping from a high slope with the help of a parachute and gliding in the sky with the help of the wind is done with paragliding. With the person’s body speed jumping off the slope, the parachute takes off with the force of the wind and offers a very different experience to the person. The necessary inventories for Alanya parachute are provided by the authorities.

 You do not need to be experienced to fly with a parachute in Alanya .

It flies with licensed and experienced pilots. You don’t need to do anything. You don’t need experience or training. You are only told what to do on takeoff and landing. Then you meet the sky by running synchronized with your pilot.

During Alanya paragliding flight, there is a guide on your right and left to assist you while you run. With the help of guides, you will be able to take off safely.

All you have to do is enjoy the moment and the view.

Alanya Paragliding Prices

Alanya paragliding prices  are incredibly affordable. For such an interesting experience, people have to pay 600 to 800 lira per person. The general duration of paragliding is limited to twenty minutes. Paragliding activity can be a personal pleasure as well as being prepared by hotels as an activity. It is possible to stay in the air for twenty minutes with paragliding. Of course, this period is a generally foreseen period. However, it is possible for the weather conditions of Alanya to affect the flight time. Prices may vary depending on the company that organizes the paragliding event. The price includes flight, guide, information and paragliding.

Paragliding Alanya Price

Paragliding Alanya price  range may differ according to the company. In addition, some hotels organize special events. Prices can be even more reasonable when collective participation is provided. In some companies, this crazy event can be bought at much more affordable prices with campaigns. Paragliding is actually a sport. However, in many parts of the world, it is possible to paraglide without any knowledge by paying a fee. Depending on the company, paragliding can be very small or expensive. However, it is possible to be defenseless in the air as your feet will be cut off from the ground in paragliding. For this reason, it would be wise to experience paragliding in the company of competent companies. Price ranges and flight time are extremely important in paragliding.

Paragliding in Alanya

Paragliding  is one of the important activities in Alanya. Domestic or foreign tourists go to various hills to paraglide. Paragliding is filled with a mixture of features such as courage, excitement, adrenaline and fear. People who want to do paragliding are definitely insured against any negativity. Many companies include insurance in the price. In this way, people can safely perform paragliding. It is very important to wear comfortable clothes and shoes in order to be able to paraglide. In addition, people should be able to run by using their body strength before flying in the sky. In general, paragliding is carried out in the presence of professional instructors. Therefore, fear and panic are unfounded. One should surrender oneself to the calm embrace of the sky

Where to Paraglide in Alanya

 Many adrenaline enthusiasts wonder where to go paragliding in Alanya . As it is known, there are many hills in Alanya. These peaks have been determined as suitable areas for paragliding. It is not possible to say a single place for paragliding. Many places in Alanya are suitable for paragliding. In order for this activity to take place, the peak, body strength and wind are needed. Flat hills, Hıdırellez and Yunus Hills are the most used in Alanya for paragliding. Depending on the company where you will perform the paragliding flight, there may be changes in the area to be made. However, heart, panic attack, fear and epilepsy patients are prohibited from paragliding. In addition, pregnant women cannot participate in paragliding.

Paragliding jumps in Alanya are made from a flat hill 800 meters high from the sea. The landing strip is located at Cleopatra beach, which is the world-famous beach of Alanya.

Let us remind you that transportation is easy, especially for those who want to make multiple jumps. The distance between the launch point and the landing strip is approximately 6 kilometers by road. You can reach the jumping point again in a short time like 10-15 minutes.

You will see wonderful views in Alanya paragliding tour.

Alanya Skydiving

Paragliding Alanya skydiving center is located on the tops of the Taurus Mountains. During transportation, you can see the bird’s eye view of the city and the sea. We pass through forests and villages and reach the jumping point. You are having a pleasant and scenic journey.

Alanya paragliding track is very rich in terms of scenery. While flying, you can see the majestic Taurus mountains, Alanya city center, Alanya Castle and Cleopatra beach from the air.

The foam of the blue sea, the sparkle of the bright summer sun and the green hills of the Taurus Mountains create a perfect view.

With Alanya parachute tour, we immortalize your unforgettable moments by taking your videos and photos with GoPro cameras while you are in the air.

Alanya Paragliding Alanya Paragliding

Before the jump, we clear any question marks in your mind.

When you arrive at the jumping point, you will be given a brief briefing on the working principles of the parachute and what you need to know. Clothes and equipment are set. Necessary controls for flight are made.

You meet the pilots. You ask them what’s on your mind. When you understand the technical features of paragliding and why it is safe, you will get rid of your worries.

The paragliding track in Alanya is one of the safest tracks in the world.

Paragliding works with the principle of filling and inflating dozens of air cells in the wing with hot air. The fact that the weather is always hot in Alanya completely eliminates the weather-related risks.

In addition, since the north of Alanya is completely covered with mountains, reverse wind currents do not occur in the air. Weather conditions in Alanya are always ideal for paragliding.

With Alanya parachute  , you fly with licensed and experienced pilots.

Alanya Paragliding Training

All pilots have certificates from FAI (International Aviation Federation) and THK (Turkish Aeronautical Association). Our pilots have at least 1000 hours of flight time. In addition, the equipment used is world class. Every paraglider has a spare parachute.

Alanya paragliding Alanya Paragliding  is one of the most popular activities. Paragliding is among the top things to do in Alanya. Local tourists know paragliding as paragliding. Paragliding is in active service seven days a week. This fun and exciting activity is bought by many people. Those who want to add a different excitement to the holiday can experience different emotions with this activity. Although paragliding is not life-threatening, it is done with controlled support. During the flight, a professional trainer is always with the person who has the experience. During the flight, the instructor must be listened to. However, inventories such as caste, life jacket, glasses belonging to paragliding should be available on the person.


How long does paragliding in Alanya last?

Alanya parachute,  standard flight time is 25 minutes. However, if the weather conditions are suitable, the paragliders can stay in the air as long as they want. If you want to stay in the air for more than the standard flight time, you should say this before you fly. If there is no density, you can fly for longer periods by paying an additional fee.

What time of the day can I paraglide?

As long as the weather conditions are suitable, you can fly with paragliding any time you want. Flights take place between 09:00 and 16:30 in the morning. We recommend making a reservation a few days in advance so that you can fly whenever you want.

Who can join the paragliding tour?

Since paragliding is an adrenaline sport, there are some requirements for the participants. We have listed them below

  • To weigh at least 40 kg.
  • Have a maximum weight of 120 kg.
  • Not having cardiovascular diseases such as heart and blood pressure.
  • Not to have any ailment that would prevent the flight.
  • Not having mood disorders such as fear of heights and panic attacks.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit for paragliding. Anyone who meets the above conditions can fly with paragliding.

Do you have a female pilot?

Yes. We also have female pilots.

How many people can fly?

Alanya paragliding tours fly with two people. The reason for this limitation is that the carrying capacity of the paraglider other than the pilot is 120 kilograms. If the total weight of the passengers does not exceed 110 kilograms, 3 people can fly with paragliding. (Maximum load is 110 kg on flights with 3 people.)

What type of clothes should I wear?

It is sufficient to wear comfortable clothes and, if possible, sports shoes while paragliding. We recommend that you wear clothes that will not blow in the wind and disturb you. Bring hats, jewelry, etc. Do not buy such items.

Your pre-flight attire will be checked by the guides.

Can I take photos during the flight?

In terms of Alanya parachute  flight safety, you are not allowed to take items such as mobile phones with you. However, your flight pictures and videos are taken by the ground crew during takeoff and landing, and by the pilot while in the air.

In which months is paragliding done in Alanya?

Weather conditions in Alanya are suitable for parachuting both in summer and winter. But we do not fly on rainy and stormy days in winter.

For Alanya parachute tour,   we need to follow the weather conditions for your flight plan in winter. That’s why you should send us your winter reservations on the first day of your holiday. Thus, we can plan your flight for the day when the weather conditions are suitable.

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