Rafting Tour

Rafting Tour

Rafting tour from Alanya is the water sports tour preferred by adrenaline and adventure lovers. The most refreshing way to both discover nature and get rid of the overwhelming heat of summer.


 Manavgat Köprülü Canyon Rafting Tour from Alanya

This is not just a rafting trip! It is also a good opportunity to discover the unique nature of the Mediterranean and see the historical sites of Köprülü Canyon.

1 Adult 20$

1 Child 10$
* Every day
* 10 Hours  (including transportation)
* 08:30  (Exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
* Tr, De, En, Ru
* Insurance, transportation, tour guide, lunch, protective equipment (life jacket and helmet), paddle
* Direct pick-up and drop-off from your hotel, house and apartment with our vehicle
* Drinks, photo and video shoots
*Swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, spare t-shirt, sandals or sea shoes, shower gel, shampoo, waterproof bag or phone case (for those who want to take their belongings with them when they get on the boat). We recommend that you do not take your valuables with you as there is a risk of losing them in the water.


Alanya Rafting Tour Experiences

  • Rafting pleasure on the world famous Köprüçay river
  • Historical Oluk Bridge (Eurymedondur) and Karabuk Bridge visits
  • Walking in historical places, animation shows and photo taking
  • Tea jumping and swimming breaks and water activities
  • Discovering the Köprülü Canyon National Park, which was declared a national park in 1973 and hosts the magnificent nature of the Mediterranean

Alanya Rafting Tour Program

  • Pick-up from hotels
  • Arrival at Köprülü Canyon rafting assembly area
  • Professional guides’ instructions about the rafting tour
  • Distribution of equipment (life jacket, helmet, paddle, etc.)
  • 15-minute ride to the rafting starting point, to the historical Roman bridge by shuttle vehicles
  • Informing you about historical places by the tour guide
  • Hiking, photographing, swimming break in the wonderful nature of Köprülü Canyon National Park
  • Distribution to 2-person canoes and boats with a guide
  • The first part of the 14 km Track is 7 km (There will be a guide accompanying you on each boat throughout the course.)
  • Swimming and rest break
  • The second part of the track is 7 km
  • Lunch break, open buffet service (Grilled fish, chicken skewers, rice, potato salad, pasta, seasonal salad)
  • Cine-vision display of your photos taken by our team while rafting
  • Back to hotels

General Information About Alanya Rafting Tour

Alanya Rafting Tour 2

The rafting tour from Alanya will take about 4 hours. It takes place on the Köprüçay river in Beşkonak village of Manavgat district of Antalya. Rafting in Antalya is allowed only in Köprülü Canyon National Park. Although this track is known by many names (Manavgat, Karabük, Beşkonak, Köprülü, Köprüçay rafting), it is a 14 km track between Oluk Bridge and Karabük Bridge. International rafting difficulty covers 1, 2 and 3.

Adrenaline lovers, adventurers and if you want both affordable prices and more action, check out our economical tour packages, including rafting tours and different tours.

Alanya Rafting Tours

Alanya rafting tours  are activities that combine excitement and fun. Rafting takes its name from boats, which are activity vehicles. The fun begins when the raft boats are released into the aggressive river waters. Rafting is a kind of water sport. The purpose of the rafting activity is to end the activity without falling off the rafts and getting stuck in obstacles. Since the sport takes place in raging waters, the danger rate is low. Unconsciously made rafting tours can lead to bad results. Therefore, this activity should be done with professional instructors accompanied by reliable tours.

Since it is a group activity, it cannot be done individually. Alanya is very suitable for rafting. Rafting is a sport that requires attention and care. This sport has both in-water and out-of-water hazards. Obstacles must be overcome to descend into the water.

Alanya Rafting Tour

 Rivers are preferred for Alanya rafting tour . The rafting track is very important for the participants of the tour activity. There may be different stages in the rafting tour to increase the excitement and enjoy the fun. Rafters must be equipped with certain inventories. Helmets and life jackets must be used during the rafting tour. However, waterproof clothing will make the rafting trip much healthier.

Of course, as a rescuing measure against the dangers of rafting, rescue throwing bags should definitely be kept. The ropes in the rescue bags are vital for the people in the water in case the rafting boat overturns or anyone falls from the boat. This sport, which is as dangerous as it is fun, has many fans.

Alanya Rafting Tour Price

Alanya rafting tour price  is much more reasonable than other activities. Rafting tours in Alanya open registration from 250 TL per person. However, there are separate charges for adults and children. Rafting tours for children are 150 TL. Rafting tours are rarely found in children aged 0-6. In such cases, there is no charge for children in this age range.

Domestic and foreign tourists coming to Alanya for vacation can participate in the rafting tour activity through the hotel. In general, rafting fees can be made at very reasonable prices. However, rafting is a water sport that is intertwined with nature. That’s why attention is a very important rule.

Alanya Rafting

Alanya  will be a very good choice for rafting. For the rafting tour, the inventories given to the person must be evaluated. Incomplete or incorrect use carries a life-threatening risk. Therefore, helmets and life jackets should be worn by rafters. Today, many people in the world are in danger because of rafting. For this reason, it is necessary to listen to the rafting rules from the instructors. Do’s and don’ts should be considered.

A guide instructor must be present on the rafting tour. Progress should be made by taking into account the recommendations of the guide. The adventure should not turn into panic during the rafting period. Panic will negatively affect rafting as it will make other group members nervous. People with health problems, especially heart, blood pressure and panic attack patients are not suitable for rafting. In addition, rafting tours are not recommended for pregnant women.

Alanya Rafting Tours Prices

Alanya rafting tours  are made at very low prices. This sporting activity, which is made at affordable prices, can be quite guiding, especially for children. Rafting can be provided free of charge for children aged 0-6. Rafting prices may vary according to the event company. In some companies, the rafting fee is 135 liras for the age range of six to twelve years. However, adults are charged between 250-300 liras. It will be very useful to do price research to participate in the rafting event. In this way, it will be possible to find the most suitable Alanya rafting activity with rafting price comparison. Those looking for fun in water sports should experience rafting.

Where to do Alanya Rafting?

 Many people wonder where Alanya rafting is done . Rafting tours are held in Köprüçay and Manavgat in Alanya. Rafting is usually done in Canyon Köprülü in Alanya. Alanya Rafting tours, where excitement is experienced with high flow, are very entertaining. Since rafting can be done as a group, it is possible to socialize during these activities.

Rafting tours, which serve domestic and foreign tourists from all budgets with affordable prices, are ideal for lovers of different experiences. However, in order to carry out this activity, the prescribed rules must be followed. In order for your rafting experience to be perfect, it would be wise to choose exclusive tours in Alanya. Alanya in general welcomes its visitors as an ideal place for water sports.

Tips for First Time Rafting Tourists

Although it may seem scary for our guests who will experience it for the first time, we answer the questions in your mind so that you feel safe and live in the moment.

How is rafting done?

It is made with 10-person whitewater and two-person R2 boats, which are suitable for the Köprülü canyon. It is a team sport that you will do by rowing with the commands of a guide leading you. The goal is to stay in balance without tipping over. Teamwork becomes fun.

Is rafting safe?

When you join the Alanya rafting tour, equipment (helmet, life jacket, paddle) will be given by our company for your safety. Therefore, there are no sections on the track that will pose a risk. Enjoy the adrenaline with our professional guide.

What is Whitewater Rafting?

Challenging waves, rocky rivers, more dangerous conditions are the sport. It requires more experience.

Canoe Rafting – What is Kayaking?

Canoes are narrow boats. Canoe rafting-kayaking is a water sport where you can pass narrow passages with canoe more easily. If you are experienced, you can do this fun sport in Köprülü Canyon with 2 person canoes.

Can children join the rafting tour?

You can participate in this activity as a family, as our tracks and equipment are also suitable for children. The age limit for children is 5. But the season is of great importance. The age limit may change according to the state of the water level. Do not forget to get information when deciding to join Alanya rafting tour.

Who can join the rafting tour?

There is no need to be a professional to raft. No previous experience is required. Anyone without health problems can do this sport.

Is it suitable for pregnant women?

Since it is a very active activity, it is not recommended to join this tour if you are pregnant or think you are pregnant.

What do the rafting difficulty levels mean?
  • Grade 1:  There are very few currents. It’s the kind of simple track that kids will enjoy.
  • Grade 2:  Regular and low currents. There are small rocks that are not dangerous.
  • Grade 3:  : It is one of the tracks that amateurs will love. It is of medium difficulty.
  • Grade 4:  Rivers full of cliffs with hard crossings and too many obstacles. Although there are small risks for amateurs, it should not be done for first experience.
  • Grade 5:  The impossible course for amateurs. High flow and current, hard and large rocks, steep slopes, sequential falls. Passages full of obstacles.
  • Grade 6:  The impossible track that challenges even professionals.
What difficulty levels does Alanya rafting cover?

Alanya rafting includes 1, 2 and 3 of the simple and intermediate courses.

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