Fishing Tour

Fishing Tour


Explore Alanya Beaches and  Fish

See Alanya castle, Shipyard and Caves. Rest on Cleopatra and Ulas Beaches.

4-hour fishing tour with bottom fishing rods, jigs and spinning rods

1 Adult 40$

1 Child 20$
* Every day
*6 Hours  (including transportation)
*07:30, 11:30, 13:30 (Three times a day)  (Exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
* Tr, De, En, Ru
* Transportation, private boat with captain, lunch, soft drinks, fishing equipment and fishing rods
* Direct pick-up and drop-off from your hotel, house and apartment with our vehicle
* Alcoholic beverages
* Swimsuit, towel, slippers, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, sea glasses, camera


Alanya Fishing Tour Experiences

  • An economical boat tour that you can travel alone with your family as you wish.
  • You will be fishing in the Mediterranean and you can have these fish for lunch or take them with you.
  • You can take a break or swim wherever you want.

Alanya Fish Tour Program

Since the tour is specially arranged for you, you determine the places and times to go. We created the following program. We can change it according to your wishes.

  • Pick-up from hotels.
  • Alanya Shipyard visit at the port exit. Photo shoots for Alanya and Red Tower view from the sea.
  • A short swimming break in Tersane bay.
  • Visit to Pirates Cave, Lovers Cave and Phosphorus Cave.
  • Swimming and photo break at Cleopatra beach.
  • Swimming break in Ulaş.
  • Fishing off the Ulas sea.
  • Lunch break.
  • Fishing on the second pasture.
  • Return to the port and drop off at the hotels.

General Information About Alanya Fishing Tour

Alanya Fishing Tour 2

Fishing tour is one of the most entertaining activities you can join with your family or group in Alanya. Our customers, especially those who love to fish, participate in this tour more than once. Families with children can also join this tour.

With our transfer vehicles, we pick you up from your hotels and bring you to the port where the boat is located. Fishing for 4 hours and if desired excursion and return to the port. Then we’ll drop you back to where you left off.

The tour is specially arranged for you. There will be no one else on the boat but you.

Tours are organized for the participant. Tour times and places to go can be planned according to your wishes. As the number of participants increases, the size of the fishing boats also increases.

  • 13 meter boats for 1-6 people
  • Larger fishing boats are provided for participants of more than 6 people.

Besides fishing, you can visit the surroundings of Alanya Castle and Alanya’s famous bays.

Map of the peninsula where Alanya Castle is located


Map of the peninsula where Alanya Castle is located

If you want, we can take a short tour around Alanya castle while on the sea. We can take swimming breaks in the caves around the castle. We can visit Cleopatra beach and reach beach. If you have never participated in a boat tour in Alanya before, visiting these places will be a different experience for you.

Of course, our main goal is to fish. If you want, we can never stop by these sightseeing spots and go directly to the fish pastures.

Fishing is done with various fishing techniques such as bottom, jigging and spinning rods.

Our first fish pasture is off the coast of Alanya. We catch an average of 1-3 kilos of fish per person by bottom fishing here. There are usually coral fish in this pasture.

In our second pasture, we chase after bigger fish. Anyway, we caught plenty of coral fish in the first pasture. In this pasture, fish such as barracuda, leer (also called lamb or forktail), lambuka, grida, grouper and cobra are found. We can usually catch one or two big fish per person. But of course, there are times when we can’t catch fish in this pasture. Let’s say random.

Then we continue the hunt with jigging and spinning wheel. We can change the fishing range or the type of fishing according to your preference.

Fresh fish for lunch

The fish you catch is yours.

If you want, we can cook the fish you caught in Alanya fishing tour for lunch. Or you can take it with you when you go. Our lunch menu includes grilled chicken and fish, pasta and salad upon request. Soft drinks are free throughout the tour.

Opportunity to sunbathe or swim whenever you wish.

Since the tour is specially arranged for you, we can take a swimming break whenever you want. Or you can sunbathe on the boat.

We go in the best fish pastures. Fishing is guaranteed.

The worst of the invasive species that entered the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal is the pufferfish. Although this fish is valuable in countries such as Japan, it cannot find commercial value in Mediterranean countries due to the poison it contains.

Since blowfish are generally found on the coastline, we go to the fish pastures in the open seas. There is a fish finder radar on board.

About the Mediterranean fauna and the changing marine ecosystem

The Mediterranean is very rich in fish diversity. However, because the Mediterranean is a salty sea, the fish population is low. Although commercial fishing has been brought under control in recent years, the marine habitat has been greatly damaged due to uncontrolled commercial fishing in the past years. In addition, invasive species entering the Mediterranean from the Suez Canal in recent years have begun to change the ecosystem.

It has been understood that new species entering the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal cannot be prevented. In other words, the Mediterranean has started to go through a process of change right now. It is known that living things in habitats will be exposed to natural selection in the next 20-30 years. In this process, the fight against poisonous and non-commercial invasive species such as puffer fish and sea lion was initiated.

The fish pastures we will go to for the Alanya fishing tour are the places where these species are scarce.

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