Boat Tour from Alanya to Manavgata

Boat Tour from Alanya to Manavgata



 Manavgat Waterfall Tour from Alanya

Opportunity to watch the Ancient City of Side and the Temple of Apollo from the sea.

1 Adult   $ 30

1 Passenger   $ 15
* Monday, Thursday
* 9 Hours  (including transportation)
* 08:30  (Exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
* Tr, De, En, Ru
*Manavgat Waterfall entrance fee, transportation, lunch and soft drinks
* Direct pick-up and drop-off from your hotel, house and apartment with our vehicle
* Photos and drinks
* Towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, camera


Manavgat Boat Tour Experiences from Alanya

  • Experience an extraordinary boat tour that starts in the fresh waters of the Manavgat River and continues in the salty waters of the Mediterranean. Enjoy swimming where the river meets the sea.
  • Watch the Ancient City of Side and the Temple of Apollo from the sea with a Manavgat boat tour from Alanya.
  • See the magnificent waterfall of Manavgat up close.
  • Visit the Manavgat market and get to know the local culture closely. Taste the local delicacies.

Manavgat Boat Tour Program from Alanya

  • Pick-up from the hotels or address for the manavgat boat tour from Alanya  .
  • Arrival in Manavgat city center.
  • Manavgat Waterfall trip.
  • 3-hour Manavgat boat tour.
  • Manavgat Strait cruise by boat.
  • Swimming breaks and photo breaks.
  • Lunch on the boat (grilled chicken, meatballs, pasta and salad).
  • Boat tour around Side Ancient City and Temple of Apollo.
  • Return to port.
  • 1 hour 30 minutes free tour of the city of manavgat and the market of manavgat.
  • A visit to the Kulliye mosque.
  • The end of the manavgat boat tour from Alanya.
  • Return to Alanya.

General Information About Manavgat Boat Tour from Alanya

Manavgat Boat Trip from Alanya 2

Features of the Boat:  The boat tour from Alanya to Manavgat is organized with large two-storey wooden boats. On the first floor of the boat, there are shaded seating areas, a bar where you can meet your eating and drinking needs, and sun loungers on the upper floor. You can sit wherever you want on the boat.

Boat Route:  We go to two different places during the boat tour. The first place you will visit is the Temple of Apollo in the port of Side Antique City and its surroundings. During this visit, which takes place by wandering around the ancient city of Side from the sea, the view is truly perfect. This is one of the best places to take pictures. We also take a swimming break where the fresh water mixes with the salt water. 

The second place we will visit is the magnificent Manavgat River. Traveling by boat among the clear waters of the river and the lush Mediterranean pine forests fed by these waters is truly peaceful. We take a swimming break in the river and then have lunch in this impressive atmosphere.

How long is the boat tour?:  The entire tour, including transportation from Alanya, takes 9 hours. We allocate 3 hours for the Manavgat boat tour.

Food and Drink:  Lunch is served on the boat on the Manavgat river. The menu includes Mediterranean salad, rice, pasta, barbecued chicken, meatballs and trout.

After dinner, we return to the port and finish the boat tour and continue our Manavgat tour. Below, we have explained in detail the places you will see after the manavgat boat tour from Alanya.

Places to visit on Manavgat Boat Tour from Alanya

Side Ancient City Temple of Apollo

The temple of Apollo is the most important part of the silhouette of the Ancient City of Side. It was built in the harbor of the ancient city so that it can be seen both from the sea and from the land. During the Roman period, this port was the largest commercial center of the region. The first structure that people from outside the city would see in Side was the Temple of Apollo. In Greek mythology, Apollo is the god of peace and art. The view of the temple of Apollo at sunset is mesmerizing. 

Apollo temple view from the sea

The temple of Apollo and the ancient city of Side will be visible from the sea during the Manavgat boat tour. This is the only ancient city visited in the manavgat boat tour program from Alanya. Within the scope of this tour, we do not enter the ancient city of Side on foot. 

Manavgat River

It is a wide river with a high flow both in winter and summer. It is among the largest rivers in the world fed from a single source. This magnificent river of the Taurus Mountains is among the most visited places by tourists in Alanya due to its untouched nature and peaceful view.

Manavgat river

If you enjoy nature and sightseeing tours, the Manavgat boat tour from Alanya will satisfy you. Being in the cool and clear waters on hot Mediterranean days, walking around by boat among the green nature and vast pine forests will give you peace and happiness.

Manavgat waterfall

The most important natural beauty that makes the Manavgat river unique is of course the Manavgat waterfall. Despite pouring from the cliff at a height of 5 meters, the waterfall flows very strongly due to the high flow of water. The sound of the waterfall is quite high. The white foams it creates continue for meters. Although it is not very high, it is a very wide and imposing waterfall.

Manavgat waterfall

In the past years, recreation and viewing facilities have been built around the Manavgat waterfall. These facilities, which were built completely nature-friendly, include eating and drinking places, children’s parks, gardens, picnic areas, daily accommodation facilities and camping areas.

Everything has been thought of at the Manavgat waterfall facilities for you and your children to spend quality and peaceful time. Also, the facility entrance fee is included in the tour price. You do not pay at the entrance.

Manavgat City Market and Free Time

In the free time given to you, you can find the opportunity to wander and shop in Manavgat city center and the city market. In the city market, which is only open on certain days of the week, you can find many different things together, such as clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, and local delicacies.

Manavgat city market

The reason why the Manavgat boat tour from Alanya is organized on certain days of the week is so that you can see the public market.

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