Alanya Buggy Safari

Alanya Buggy Safari

35 usd
5 usd
* Every day  (three times a day)
* 4 Hours   (including transportation)
* 09:00 – 14:00 – 16:00 (three times a day)   (Exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
* Tr, De, En, Ru
* Insurance, transportation, tour guide, buggy driving training, protective equipment
* Direct pick-up and drop-off from your hotel, house and apartment with our vehicle
* Food, drinks, photo and camera footage DVDs
* We recommend that you take spare clothes with you as all your clothes will be dirty at the end of the tour. Sunglasses and bandana to protect from dust (you can also buy bandanas and glasses from the tour guide). It is also useful to take a swimsuit with you for a swimming break.


Alanya Buggy Safari Experiences

  • You learn to drive a buggy car.
  • You will experience buggy driving on stream crossings, bumpy and muddy off-road roads.
  • You will discover the pine-scented forests of the Taurus Mountains. 

Alanya Buggy Safari Program

  • Pick-up from hotels by shuttle vehicles
  • Arrival at Alanya buggy safari station.
  • Supply and control of protective clothing and equipment.
  • Giving a briefing on the rules to be followed and vehicle use during the buggy safari tour.
  • Test drives on the training track.
  • Starting the first buggy safari stage.
  • Swimming and resting break by the creek.
  • Video and photo shoots.
  • Starting the second buggy safari stage (return to starting point)
  • Take a break at the station (Meeting the needs of the cafeteria, shower etc.)
  • Exhibition of photos and videos taken during the tour.
  • Return to hotels by shuttle vehicles.

General Information About Alanya Buggy Safari

Alanya Buggy Safari 2

Alanya buggy safari  is among the activities liked by many people. If you are looking for a crazy thing to do in Alanya, Buggy will be quite exciting. The ride using buggy vehicles is quite adrenaline-filled. Car rides in muddy and hilly areas of Alanya are made with Buggy vehicles. Buggy vehicles are designed for a maximum of two people. Due to its characteristics, the car is quite assertive on difficult roads. Since the management of the car is practical, people can easily adapt to the car. Alanya buggy safari takes place on mud-covered roads. The speed level of the cars is a maximum of ninety kilometers. There are lands in special places in Alanya for buggy cars. These lands have been transformed into exciting trails. Driving without stopping on bumpy and mud-covered roads and getting covered in mud will be remembered as a very enjoyable activity.

Alanya Buggy Safari Tour

Alanya buggy safari tour  is an activity that does not require expertise. Therefore, anyone over the age of eighteen can go on safari with Buggy vehicles. Optionally, some parents can enjoy safari with their children. In this case, there may be a decrease in the age limit of eighteen. The only requirement to be able to do a safari is the absence of health problems. A driver’s license is not required for safari with buggy vehicles. In this way, people who do not have a license can drive a vehicle. However, at the beginning of the safari, it is important to get information about how to start and use the car in the company of trainers for a comfortable ride. Buggy experience on safari lands is around 45 to maximum 2 hours. In some tours, an increase in time is observed.

Alanya Buggy Safari Tour Prices

Alanya buggy safari tour prices  may vary according to the company that organizes the event. The activity tours can be in cooperation with the hotels, or the person can join the safari tour independently from the hotel. The buggy vehicle starts from 35€ per person. However, on some tours, fees increase from driving time and extra costs. In addition, the number of people in the Buggy car will also change the Buggy safari prices.

In some tours, a two-person Buggy safari costs 1,000 liras.

It is very important that you determine the date you want to join in buggy safari tours and contact the company. It would be very appropriate to get prices from various Buggy event companies for your individual participation.

Buggy Safari Alanya

Buggy safari  is one of the activities that can be done in Alanya region in four seasons. Buggy safaris are available every day of the week as long as the weather conditions are favorable. Safari with buggy vehicles is quite action-packed. On safari, you can lose your way on rough roads, get stuck in mud or even get into mud. On buggy terrains, sometimes rocks and sometimes mud are an obstacle to your path. But drivers enjoy the activity without giving up.

Comfortable clothes should be preferred for safari. In the heat of Alanya, sweaty clothes may prevent you from enjoying the safari. For this reason, comfortable clothing is ideal for safari. People who will do the safari do not need to have a driver’s license. This gives a different excitement to people who have not experienced many cars. The safari experience will be unique in order to make your memories in Alanya unforgettable.

Alanya Buggy Safari Tour 2022

Alanya buggy safari tour  was noticed by many people in 2022. For those who want to have a different experience, it is very satisfying to travel with Buggy vehicles and spend a day full of adventures. Alanya is very convenient for Buggy. However, in order for this experience to be enjoyable, driving times must be taken into account. Short rides will not be enough for people. For this reason, two to three hour Buggy safaris are ideal. People who want to experience the excitement of Buggy in Alanya can get prices from various companies. Each company’s Buggy fee and hour range are different from each other. Therefore, it would be wise to turn to the economical ones.

Best Buggy Safari Alanya

Best Buggy safari Alanya around 400 liras. However, the fee and hourly tariffs vary according to the companies. For this reason, it is necessary to do research for the Buggy safari activity and choose the most suitable one. Buggy safari will be a unique experience with your friends. It is important to choose affordable activities for a buggy safari. Because there may be extra fees. In order to be able to drive the cars, people get basic information from the instructors. After this information, even if the person does not have a license, he can easily control the Buggy vehicles. Buggy vehicles are for two people at most. It will be more exciting to start the adventure as two people. In this way, there will be someone who can share your excitement. Buggy can be used alternately if two people get on the vehicles.

About Buggy Vehicles

Buggy vehicles are specially produced by considering the track conditions. All requirements have been met so that you can drive the vehicle smoothly, safely and effectively on the ramps, stream crossings and muddy terrain on the track. Since the vehicles are both close to the ground and wide, the risks of skidding and overturning are minimal. The steel cage around the vehicle provides high protection.

These vehicles are not used in the city. Therefore, there is no specific license class. The controls are simple.

About the Safari Trail

Alanya buggy safari track is made on the sea-facing slopes of the Taurus mountain range, located in the north of the ‘Türkler’ town, approximately 3-4 km from the beach. The vegetation on these slopes, where the typical Mediterranean climate is dominant, consists of maquis and pine forests.

In order for you to have a pleasant safari experience, the course route has been planned to include various active stream beds, muddy paths, and rough terrain. The track consists of two stages, outbound and return. Between the two stages, you will take a break by a stream where you can swim and cool off. Total track length is 32km.

How Many Persons Are the Vehicles?

In the buggy safari tour, which is one of the activities to be done in Alanya, there are two types of buggy safari vehicles for 2 people and 4 people. 4-person vehicles are generally preferred by families with children and crowded groups. The number of our 4-person vehicles is limited. Therefore, we recommend that you notify your reservations a few days in advance in order to avoid supply problems during peak seasons.

Since we do not have a single-person vehicle, we provide a two-person vehicle to our guests who want to use a buggy alone.

Is Utv Difficult to Use?

It is very easy to use. It consists only of steering, gas and brake. Before the tour, theoretical lessons are given and test drives are made. Since safari tours are carried out in convoy, it will be sufficient to follow the vehicle in front from a certain distance. In addition, buggy vehicles with personnel assigned to assist you when necessary will accompany you in the tour convoy.

Can I Join With Children?

Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to sit in the driver’s seat. However, you can have your children sit in the passenger seat and join the safari tour.

What Hours Are Safari Held?

Safari Tours are organized daily and run three times a day. Total tour duration including transfer is approximately 4 hours. When the transportation and preparation process comes out, you will use the UTV for an average of 2.5 hours.

Tour start and end times are as follows;

  • Morning Tour:  Between 09-00 and 13:00
  • Lunch Tour:  Between 14-00 and 18:00
  • Sunset Tour:  Between 16-00 and 20:00

Is There Food and Beverage Service?

Due to the short duration of the tour, we did not include a standard food menu in the tour programs in order to save both cost and time. However, we have a cafeteria at our station for our guests who want to eat. Here you can find grilled and fast food type foods.

There is a beverage sale in our cafeteria. You can buy pre-tour drinks here. If you wish, you can bring your drinks with you.

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