Aquarium Tour

Aquarium Tour


 Antalya Aquarium Trip Including  Transfer and Ticket Fees

It’s not just the Aquarium. At the same time, a day full of snow world, ice museum, WildPark and underwater XD Cinema awaits you.

1 Adult 100$

1 Child 75$
* Tuesday, Friday
* 8 Hours  (including transportation)
*07:00-08:00  (Exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
* Tr, De, En, Ru
* Transfer, guide, aquarium entrance ticket, face to face, wax museum
* Direct pick-up and drop-off from your hotel, house and apartment with our vehicle
* Koi Bottle Feeding and stingray feeding events, food and drink and other events.
* Taking pictures is free. You can bring your camera when you come.


Antalya Aquarium Tour Experiences from Alanya

  • Visit the world’s largest tunnel aquarium.
  • Feeding stingray and koi fish (with bottle).
  • Watching sharks as they feed.
  • Plane and ship wrecks in their original dimensions.
  • Oceanride XD cinema and VR360 virtual glasses experience.
  • Watching the world’s most venomous, most colorful and most interesting reptiles in their natural habitat.
  • Tours and photo shoots in the snow world and inside the igloo houses.
  • Photo shoot with celebrities at the wax museum.

Antalya Aquarium Tour Program from Alanya

  • Transfer at hotels by air-conditioned and comfortable vehicles.
  • Aquarium excursion in 2.5 hours of free time given by the guide.
  • 40 thematic aquarium excursions.
  • Do not be in front of the main tank at shark feeding time.
  • See and examine reptiles up close at WildPark.
  • Visit to the Snow World & Ice Museum section.
  • Visit the Face 2 Face Wax Museum.
  • A trip to the seas of the world made of real images with Captain Barbossa in the Oceanride XD Cinema technology section.
  • Bottle Feeding Koi activity.
  • Shop in the Seagift souvenir section.
  • Return to the hotels or to your accommodation with our service vehicles.

Things to pay attention

After reaching the aquarium, your circulation time is 2.5 hours. At the end of this period, the transfer vehicles will be ready for the return transfer. It is important to be at the transfer point in order not to miss the vehicle at the return time. The transportation time for Antalya aquarium tour from Alanya is approximately 3 hours.

General Information About Antalya Aquarium Tour from Alanya

Antalya Aquarium Tour from Alanya 2

There are many activity areas in the “Antalya Aquarium”, which was opened in Antalya on August 15, 2012. The total water volume of the aquariums is 7.5 million liters. It is a comprehensive entertainment complex. With its tunnel length, it has the title of the longest tunnel aquarium in the world. According to annual visitor data, it is one of the top five places visited by foreign tourists in Turkey.

The facility consists of 5 main activity areas. Let’s explain these activity areas one by one.


tunnel aquarium

It is 131 meters long and 3 meters wide. The total water volume is 5 million liters. It consists of 3 parts. The exact size of the plane wreck greets you at the entrance. The sections are as follows;

tropical section

It is home to tropical underwater creatures. The viewing windows here are where the creatures can be seen up close. It has a wonderful decoration. This section is also connected to underwater caves.

sunken city of Atlantis

It is a section with a fantastic decoration with the theme of Mediterranean and Atlantis. It is home to interesting underwater creatures.

Plane wreck, pirate wreck and submarine

It is the last and longest section of the tunnel. There is an amphitheater where you can relax. While you relax here, you can spot sharks circling around pirate treasure wrecks. Plane and pirate wreck and submarine wreck are in this part of the tunnel.

Thematic Aquariums

There are approximately 40 aquariums in the thematic aquarium area, which consists of 4 main sections. Thematic aquariums and their contents are as follows.

world seas division

There are aquariums with the theme of the Red Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean. This section is a complete world mix where you can see underwater creatures unique to the world’s oceans. In addition, aquariums with different concepts, including underwater caves and Mediterranean creatures, are also in this section.

rivers section

It is a different section where you can observe the characteristic underwater creatures and plants of the world’s rivers. The first theme you will see in the episode will be the Nile and amazon rivers. Then you will see the Asian rivers. You will also be able to see waterfalls and plant aquariums in this section. In addition, we are sure that moray eels and pigs living in the dark section will make you feel different.

Turkish seas division

There are large aquariums that introduce the underwater nature of Turkey, surrounded by 3 seas called Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea. In addition, aquariums depicting the pier mouth and Demre tea mouth in Turkey are also here. There is also an aquarium of eels and a touch pool where you can see horseshoe crabs.

Tropical Reef section

It is the part that depicts the world famous tropical reefs. You can see corals, sea horses, clown fish, giant moray eels, and interesting octopuses and sturgeons up close. The most interesting aquarium of the section is the Shark tank. There are hundreds of sharks here. Seeing the feeding moment of sharks feeding at certain times of the day will perhaps be your most memorable moment.

Snow World and Ice Museum

It was made by raining artificial snow using various methods. It has a closed area of ​​1500 square meters. The snow inside is soft. It is in the consistency that you can make a snowball. There are snow slides and igloos (Eskimo houses) inside. Entering the igloos and taking photos is indispensable for our visitors. There is also the house of St. Nicholas in the snow world. The ice museum is also located here. Sculptures and miniature architectures made of ice are worth seeing.

Spending time in the -5 degree snow world when it’s 40 degrees outside will definitely do you good. Special protective clothing is given to you at the entrance to protect you from the cold.

Wild Park

It was made to make you experience the wild animals in the monsoon rainforests, the struggle of creatures in the deserts, and the different lifestyles in the dark caves. Each theme in it is designed to make you feel that you are really there with sound and light effects by using technology.

There are 70 terrariums where you can see various world-known invertebrates and reptiles. Terrariums are like aquariums. They are designed according to the living thing that will live in them. Each terrarium has a different water, soil, heat and moisture balance. It is completely reliable. They are produced in world standards. It is impossible for the living things inside them to come out.

Some of the creatures you can see in terrariums: Spiders, scorpions, poisonous snakes, giant frogs, crocodiles, chameleons, lizards.

It is forbidden to take photos in the Wild Park. Wild and predatory creatures may perceive the flash light as an attack.

Face2Face Wax Museum

It was built on an area of ​​1000 square meters. There are wax sculptures of more than 50 world-famous people made with the silicone injection method. You will be able to see the exact sculptures of movie stars, famous sound artists, and famous people in history with specially designed decorations. Taking pictures is free.

XD Cinema and VR 360

Oceanride XD cinema is the world’s first 3D underwater cinema. The closest reality cinema experience where you can feel like you are under the sea. The films shown in the cinema are as follows;

  • World seas with Captain Barbarossa
  • Humpback whales swimming with their young
  • Sea lions and their dance
  • The magnificent swimming of white sharks
  • The Lundy Ship sunk in Çanakkale during the First World War

With VR 360 glasses, you can tour the skies of Antalya virtually. An entertaining experience where you can see the historical and natural heritage of Antalya from the sky. You will enjoy the flying carpet from Aspendos to Kaleiçi, from Üç Kapılar (Hadrian’s Gate) to Myra Ancient City and from Pamukkale to Cappadocia.

Paid Events

The following activities are paid within the scope of Antalya aquarium tour from Alanya.

  • Koi Bottle Feeding event (limited number of bottles available)
  • Feeding activity of stingray fish

Shopping, Food and Drink

Shopping:  There is a ‘Seagift’ gift shop inside. In this store, you can find many special decorative and souvenirs with underwater and marine themes. Food and Beverage: There are famous flavors McDonalds, Mado and Artisan Gelatte Italian Ice Cream in the complex.

Food and Beverage:  There are famous flavors McDonalds, Mado and Artisan Gelatte Italian Ice Cream in the complex.

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